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  1. Excited to be a new member. Hope to learn and share ideas with many people.

  2. Register then introduce yourself here!

    Hey, glad to see you here! I'm taking care of the Facebook page, but I think that is a lot more active than the forum at the moment! Still, appreciate that you took the time to register!
  3. Hi, Where is there a blog on the Facebook page? I looked for one, but couldn't find it. I like the things you've been posting there lately. I sometimes repost and have gotten comments.

  4. Register then introduce yourself here!

    Welcome to the boards! I'm afraid that things are a tad quiet here at the moment, I'm sure it'll be back up to speed sooner or later!
  5. Our Facebook page

    Thanks a lot! It's hard work coming up with the 500th new post (literally), but well worth it!
  6. I'm sure we can get something done!
  7. Happy New Year!

    Happy new year guys!
  8. NPR Podcast: Mary Beard and the Myths of Rome

    Ill give it a try tomorrow! Would very much like to hear it!
  9. Roman Imperial "Ramp" opened for public

    I'd love to get to see this! Definitely on my list the next time I'm in Rome.
  10. Sorry, havn't read the whole thing (at work at the moment), but I would really have hoped that they would stop trying to identify this decease (the gods know that it has been attempted over and over again). This seems to be a click bait more than anything else. But thanks anyways for posting it
  11. New Findings Near Stonehenge

    This looks absolutely awesome. I hope they make some smaller test excavations around a few of the stones.
  12. Greek view of the ancient world

    Awesome, can't wait to take a look at it!
  13. Greek view of the ancient world

    Interesting! I'll have to have a look at that. The map is primarily based on stereotypes expressed in ancient literature (the brave by stupid/cowardly but sly being prime examples).
  14. Greek view of the ancient world

    That used to be a wide spread theory actually
  15. Facebook page

    I do, it helps people rethink what they think they know about the past