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  1. Two weeks ago I attended the exhibition "Crimea, Gold and Secrets of The Black Sea" in Amsterdam, now Russia and Ukraine dispute who is the rightful owner of the artifacts and they should return to. Marvellous. A lot of Scythian gold items, and Greek, Roman, Goth and Byzantine. NBC news reports : A Dutch museum is facing a difficult decision regarding the return of valuable Crimean jewels and gold artifacts after a current exhibition ends. It seems Mother Russia is trying to snatch the artifacts early, before Ukrainian, or even Crimean, authorities can get their hands on them. Wall Street Journal reports : Now officials here fear they will never see their precious Scythian gold on the premises again. The trove has become subsumed in a cross-national dispute that has come to reflect the nature of the Black Sea peninsula's complex and contested history. The Art Newspaper reports: “A difficult problem arises. On the one hand, legally, everything is against the Crimean museum. On the other hand, these objects belong to the museum. We will work out an agreement on how the museum will get them back,†Piotrovsky said. Mikhail Piotrovsky is the director of the Hermitage Museum, which has a branch in Amsterdam. This is not the same museum as where the exhibition is. The exhibit was to end in May, but is postponed until August. I think the items should return to the musea they came from, but legally they are on loan by the Ukraine Government. Auris Arrectibus