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  2. Between 2010 and 2014, archeologists digging in London’s financial district, on the site of a new British headquarters for Bloomberg, made an astonishing discovery—a collection of more than four hundred wooden tablets, preserved in the muck of an underground river. The tablets, postcard-sized sheets of fir, spruce, and larch, dated mainly from a couple of decades after the Roman conquest of Britain, in A.D. 43, straddling the period, in the reign of Nero, when Boudica’s rebellion very nearly got rid of the occupation altogether. Eighty of them carried legible texts—legible, that is, to Roger Tomlin, one of the world’s foremost experts in very old handwriting. Full article: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/persons-of-interest/how-to-decode-an-ancient-romans-handwriting?mbid=social_facebook
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    Hi Mallim, Glad to see you here. Things are kind of slow in these parts but I'm hoping to try and light a fire in the near future! Stick around. Love finding good old books in stores. Make sure you check out our Facebook page if you haven't been there yet. It's very active.
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    Hello I'm malc, new to this forum and any other sort of forum, so please bare with me! Love all history but favourite is Greek, presently reading 'where Troy once stood' which i found in a charity shop!
  5. Excited to be a new member. Hope to learn and share ideas with many people.

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    Hey, glad to see you here! I'm taking care of the Facebook page, but I think that is a lot more active than the forum at the moment! Still, appreciate that you took the time to register!
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    Ave! Just found your group & registered & whatnot. I've been a history buff since childhood. Thanx for having me aboard.
  8. ToposText is an indexed collection of ancient texts and mapped places relevant the the history and mythology of the ancient Greeks from the Neolithic period up through the 2nd century CE. It was inspired by two decades of exploring Greece by car, foot, or bicycle, and by clumsy efforts to appreciate επί τόπου the relevant information from Pausanias or other primary sources. The development of mobile electronic devices since 2010 has coincided with an increasingly comprehensive assortment of ancient texts available on the internet. Browse for places and select authors and events! Combined with data from Pleiades Project and Travelogues. Url to the Topostext site: http://topostext.org/places.php Have fun, Auris
  9. Scythian Gold Caught in Ukraine Dispute

    Update: Dutch court ruled that the 500 artefacts should be returned to Ukraine, not to Crimean Musea (Amsterdam, 14th december 2016). Russians not satisfied, Crimean musea file an appeal. See: Russia to appeal as Dutch court orders return of Scythian gold to Ukraine Auris
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